Greenland Shark Cruise 2017


I was so lucky to be invited on board a research cruise to southwestern Greenland catching the worlds oldest vertebrate, the Greenland shark. The cruise was a part of great project at University of Copenhagen, lead by my supervisor, Prof. John F. Steffensen (see more on On the picture above, Professors Steffensen and Bushnell are releasing one of the many monstrous sharks we caught.


I collected tissue samples for RNA analysis, blood chemistry analysis (plasma osmolality, TMAO and urea) and muscle chemistry (TMAO and urea). While not directly related to my PhD project, the parameters measured are concerning the counteracting of salinity stress in cartilaginous fish, which is a closely related subject and thus a great contribution to my PhD education. On the picture to the left I am drawing a blood sample from a 4.3 m shark. Amazing animals!

The overall results are not ready yet, but we got good data from 27 individuals between 2.5 and 4.4 m, the biggest ones weighing more than 1000 kg!